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Bodawear stands for body-awareness. The sustainability driven label began in March 2020 during the pandemic by designer Ruby Elizia. Ruby began Bodawear as a clothing repair service from home, (since many people could not afford new clothes during the lockdown). Ruby kept this service up for a while as a way to make some extra money, but then she began to customize the repairs, allowing customers to choose colours and textures of their repair patchwork to cover rips and tears in their garments. At this time Ruby was also due to go for a surgery and was struggling with a few health issues, and so naturally developed an interest in the human body and health, hence the name ‘body-awareness / Bodawear’.  These biological colours and textures with an up-cycled twist thus became a part of the brands DNA.


Bodawear moved to London later in 2020, and since then has gone on to do eight fashion shows, three of which have been associated with London Fashion Week. Stocked at Bleaq are several pieces from the early collections, some of which have been seen on the runway, and a couple of newer pieces from more recent collections.  Having recently graduated from Westminster fashion, Ruby is continuing the legacy of zero-waste alternative fashion with the label, and is soon to announce the most recent collection for Bodawear, ‘SOFT GLITCH’.

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