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Dr Noki

NOKI works within a sustainable textile collage remit, cited as the original fashion brand 'Mash UP' Artist. He is also known as DrNOKI- pioneering, custom built, Street Couture customisation Within an anti high fashion world… Originating from the original 90's London/Shoreditch DIY Rave /graffiti scene he is now studio based in Brighton.

Famously anonymous and recognisable only by his 'SOB masks' (NOKI is an anagram and pun on the word IKON)

He believes collage/customisation - the act of re-assembling a FOUND garment and through cutting, hole punching, stitching and re-collaging - to be an assault on the Nostalgia billboard & homogeneity of  mass-produced design.. NOKI's playfully aggressive canvases are a visual rhetoric for a fresh 21st Century, billboard narrative and are highly inspired by Lucio Fontana's- (spaziale 'spatial concepts - These can be divided into two categories: the Buchi 'holes', beginning in 1949, and the Tagli 'slashes', which he instituted in the mid-1950s). Also Kalle Lasn's 90's Culture Jam theories, the writer and founder of Adbusters magazine, who has been a major influence on his creative world view and unique work's..

DrNoki has taught the Custom Build style at Degree level from Kingston University to Beruit also developing his own unique Sustainable directive School called the NESTT. Noki education of Sustainable Textiles & Technology.

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