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Bleaq futures: early stage scheme

We are often asked about our story, how bleaq developed and what our aims are for creating a better future in the arts. We say: DEMAND. The demand from emerging designers for an accessible platform, the demand for purpose driven creation, the demand for a better future. The DEMAND TO DITCH THE HIERARCHY AND TO HELP EACH OTHER.

So, from this bleaq was born. A small concept store visualizing a bigger, better picture for the fashion industry. But as we grow we are consistently inspired by our creatives and their needs. Many young-stage creatives have crossed our path since launching just over a year and a half ago, and it has become clear their is a demand for mentorship and creative development... ultimately a safe environment to thrive creatively, away from the typical big brand pressures and constraints.

Here we have developed:

the bleaq 'Early Stage Scheme'

We aim to tailor each scheme to each early stage creative as best as possible, giving them the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge across many different areas, including:

  • Develop production / design skills in-house

  • Portfolio and application mentorship

  • Use of in-house facilities at our BLEAQ HQ on Kings Road

  • Shadow our residency designers, who have included: Gloria Jane RoyerMinxx Cathy AlexandersReverend SophieShannen Maria SamuelMatthew David Andrews and Luke Neil

  • Develop styling / photography skills by assisting on events / photoshoots

  • Merchandise curation and networking opportunities in our Bricklane store

  • Oversee operations of running a small business

  • Small business advice & mentorship (if you aspire to run your own brand someday!)

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Corada Callé

Photography & Styling + Admin


"From November 2021 I have worked with bleaq, keeping up with sales invoices, scouting new designers & shooting e-commerce for the store. My initial attraction to Bleaq was driven by their emphasis on sustainability, a subject that I too am very passionate about.

My time with Bleaq has been hugely inspiring, meeting so many kind creatives with strong ethics and unique creative languages. Through Bleaq, I have been reminded that there is kindness within the fashion industry, and endless imagination that flows from our generation!"

Deniz Lindenbergh

Design & Production shadowing + Events & Photoshoot Styling + In-store curation + Operations admin


“The experiences that I’ve been having at bleaq are more than amazing! From day one I feel like I’m part of the team! The first day in the first hour I immediately helped with styling for a photoshoot, and got the models dressed and undressed with a time limit! It went amazingly well! My colleagues were happy with the styling results and the way I cooperated with the models too! 

This workplace organization is perfect for fashion students!!! You get to learn lots of different aspects of how it feels like to run a fashion business like this. And you also get to design together with the designers which is of course one of the best tasks to do! It’s also a great opportunity to find new contacts in the fashion world, and your colleagues are just lovely. 

Working at bleaq has been one of the best experiences and the most use-full experiences that I have ever had so far. I can say that it is my favorite internship I have done! As it is very similar to what I want to do in the future it has taught me a lot of what I must do and learn to become my own independent designer.”

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Rose Wheeler

Design & Production shadowing + Events & Photoshoot Styling + In-store curation

"My time with Bleaq has been an amazing opportunity and I have been able to meet so many talented and inspiring people since my time with them. The girls encouraged me to be as creative as I could be with each each activity they set me which has pushed my design skills. Shadowing the designers in their creative process has been so inspiring and led to me creating my own work in a style I probably wouldn’t of developed without this experience. I feel like I have gained significant insight into the industry as well as a group of incredibly talented people I feel able to go to for support in the future."

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Molly Adlington

Social Media & Marketing + Design & Production shadowing


"Working with Bleaq for the past week has been such a lovely and amazing experience that I feel I have really benefited from. Everyone I worked with was so lovely and welcoming, they catered to my abilities, and really seemed into the work I was doing, which filled me with confidence and made working with them so lovely.

I had so much fun working in the shop, meeting all the people in stalls around the market was so inspiring and seeing all the pieces in person and the way the stall was decorated really gave me a feel for the brand. I also enjoyed working with the designers like Matthew, Shaz and Sophie, they were so kind and really encouraged me with processes which I didn't feel familiar with, like dying and draping on the stand, helping me then improve my skills. 

I found it so interesting to get to look up closely at all the garments currently being sold and speaking to some of the designers about their thought processes. They are all so unique and used techniques which are completely new to me, this is something which I can take back to university as inspiration. I really loved how open they all were, even within their making, not being strict about neatness and how they wanted their piece to look really gave me creative freedom and allowed me to really enjoy the making process, rather than find it stressful.

Overall I feel as if I have really learnt a lot from this experience, not only about the industry, but also new styles, details and ways to do things which I had never thought of before. Meeting the girls and the team has been amazing and I would like to thank them all for this opportunity and hope sometime I can do it again."

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Each and every one of these talented beans means so much to us and we absolutely can't wait to watch them grow! And now as we come into a new cycle of the year we’d like to open up this opportunity to any early stage creatives who are interested in:

  • Fashion design / Production

  • Events Curation (where available)

  • Styling / Shoot Curation (where available)

  • Seeking mentorship

  • Operations / how to start a small business

We plan to start this scheme again soon. If this sounds like it would benefit you, get in touch here. Choose general enquiries and please include:
Subject heading: EARLY STAGE SCHEME
Name & Location
Areas interested in

Portfolio / experience so far

Lots of love
The Bleaq Babes

The bleaq Official Showrooms & Studios
bleaq LTD, The Link Business Centre
49 Effra Road, London

Please contact to arrange a visit.
We welcome: shoppers, stylists, talent, photographers

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