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our ethos


Born from a torn society, where political, social and environmental strains call for a creative uprising: bleaq unearths the next generation.


In response to the current ‘post-COVID’ society, a concept evolved from the disregard and bleak outlook cast on the art world: bleaq highlights the importance and necessity of creative industries in initiating reform and justice.

In addition to activism and liberation - we also strive to challenge the materialistic bubble of technology. By using an organic, authentic form of marketing we look to reignite togetherness within events. Although social media is a major influence on our current generation - the metaphorical walls in which it traps (made more evident in light of COVID) can distort image, authenticity and morals. We often move away from ‘living in the moment’. bleaq events take on an underground approach: creating their own algorithm born from locality, community and word-of-mouth. Our aim is to present an all encompassing raw experience to a world of creativity - away from the ‘phone zone’ and untainted by social media.

Building a community composed of art, fashion, designers and activists, we address this unrest as an unorthodox and powerful collective. From reimagining waste materials into otherworldly non-binary pieces, to calling out the unspoken and ignored - we create a community open to debate. Not only do we encourage crucial conversations, but we present ‘post-COVID’ consumers with an alternative and unique marketplace that both supports the world we live in whilst liberating young mindful designers. 


We are a movement demanding change and providing hope. We look to a better future.

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