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FUCHUR is a space of creativity where ideas of a hyper connected, technological world, are simmered and harnessed through screen print and sewing. Finding inspiration through the ambiguity of modern technology, the omnipresent electronic hum and chrome bodies moving through an organic scape that shaped our form and dressed our ideas until now. Using the human form as a vessel to carry artwork, the infrastructure of the ethereal hyper world is instantly humanized, the archaic ape clutching the device of gods becomes more obvious and absurd. Ideas bloom whilst trawling through the reverberating concrete, harvesting the sediment of the hyper-city smog that clings onto the tails of commuters, lines the glass panes of skyscrapers, diffusing into the air that we exist within.


The majority of the resources needed to make already exist, working to found garments and fabrics direct the aesthetic to encourage individuality within each piece. I really like the planet, I don’t wish to sap it for what makes me move.

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