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lakras X exorbita

Lakras finds vitality within the diffuse limits between fashion-art-crafts, in order to create works and pieces for exhibition-sale or collaboration with other artistic projects. It is a laboratory of modified garments, accessories, crooked fabrics, experiential pieces; non-useful objects, decorative objects and rubbish. It's question incorporates the liberation of absurd forces through intuitions that result in different amulets. Lakras insists on the processes that arise from the depths of affection, on the questions when working with others. The project insists on valuing what is made by hand, not massive productions. No garment seeks to be perfect.

Exorbita:  Honour a feeling of beauty by wearing it. Look for productive and decorative dimensions that occur beyond the intentions. The stains, the openings, the breaks, and in general the transformation processes of materials with which we live.

In this collaboration we portray the paradoxes of success and anxiety with a bit of humour. A myth where some fictional characters appear, ourselves portraying performatively how we have felt many times in the desire to produce but at the same time time in the happiness, the friendship and the archipelago that we display when creating. We strive to dedicate ourselves on what we do/create and on being able to live from it even if it is difficult. We also celebrate our own imperfection in this path through the clothing; irregular shapes, big and scandalous holes, a pair of boots that emerge from the messiest moment of our rooms.

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