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Monozygotics was founded by  twin sisters Daisy & Scarlet after increasing frustration at the exploitation and exclusivity of the fashion industry. 

Founded early-pandemic in 2020 this brand aspires to design high-fashion sustainable clothing that does not sacrifice a sense of individuality and style for sustainability. And also to make fashion, especially ethical fashion, more accessible to everyone; through disability and size inclusive custom made items, affordably priced garments for hire, and through offering free educational and creative resources online. 

Monozygotics is a small, slow fashion brand, and a family owned business – it is also queer and disabled owned. Both Daisy & Scarlet are fiercely passionate about breaking down barriers in the fashion industry so that it can truly become a unifying, creative, and diverse industry. Where shoppers can feel comfortable and empowered, and industry professionals can feel supported, welcomed and free to express themselves. 

Monozygotics is a new brand with big dreams!

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