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munisa land

Noy Munis is an Israeli Multidisciplinary fashion & Costume designer. She is a recent graduate from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design (Ramat Gan) 2019. Her brand MUNISA-LAND was established in 2021. She draws her inspiration from the worlds of surrealism, horror, fantasy, cyber, grotesque, 19th century, 60’S and punk.

She creates graphic characters from the imagination as a way to express her feelings and to create with them prints and new shapes. She believes that the inner world of humans is complex of characters. MUNISA’s approach realizes garments which walk the line between clothing and costume design. 

MUNISA is currently working collaboratively with talents across disciplines. She always aims to give alternatives to the customer while maintaining originality and uniqueness. “Life is like a Spellbound, Choose the recipes for your spells!”

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