love wings quilted resin bag

  • Designer: Love Homage


    Hand-drawn illustrations featuring an assortment of Love Homage original characters and symologies. Inspired by the joy of youth. 100% cotton body with silk lining. Fabric marker is archival and this piece was constructed to last and be loved a lifetime. One-of-a-kind, made in Boise, Idaho, USA.

    One-of-a-kind bag featuring the love birds handle design imagined in the winter of 2022.

    These handles are unique to Love Homage. I start with a sketch, and then create clay models. Using 3-D modeling software, the forms are perfected and turned into digital files. Using an in-house 3-D printer, each keystone model is produced. A silicone mold is then created, and gets hand-poured with custom colored resin. Often I add another element into the wet resin such as seashells, dried flowers, sequins and trinkets. These handles are made to last a lifetime, and the quality of these leather bags will support endless use.

    Size: 11 inches x 16 inches (from top of handle to base of bag)

    Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water if needed. Let rest unzipped to dry.


    Delivery & Returns:

    Posting origins: Idaho, USA

    Product lead-time: Ready-to-ship

    Delivery esitmate: 2-5 days within the USA, 5-14 days EU & International.