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quiet ceremony

Quiet Ceremony is an Irish based sustainable fashion label, focusing on eliminating waste from the making process through working exclusively with vintage fabrics, and reimagined upholstery textiles. The brand’s chief goal is to rekindle the relationship between consumer and cloth, in an age of overconsumption and mass production.


Founded in 2021 by Lucinda Graham, a self professed ‘eco-punk’, all pieces are created by a small team in their rural based studio. focusing on smaller, considered and off-season collections. A complete rejection of the fashion ‘system’.


QC garments are made for whoever connects with them, explains Lucinda, who explores the female gaze in her work, creating with the wearer experience as paramount. Influenced by the textiles she works with, her creative process is back to front, working fabric first with reclaimed textiles. With the aim of investigating new possibilities for textiles that create a rich and luxurious, yet wearable feel for the customer.

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