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SKNDLSS was started in 2015 by Sustilé Blank in - a non-binary multidisciplinary artist and DJ based between Detroit and New York City.


A veteran of the queer underground nightlife scene, they began exploring identity  through performance,runway, and club visuals- creating immersive experiences away from day-walking culture.


Their garment and metal work explores defense against a world they felt rejected by - and alchemizing the craft into a medium of empowerment. They have worked as a creative director and consultant for multiple brands, and have had their work featured in King Kong, Paper Magazine, and Sicky Mag . 


Their designs are loved globally - and have been worn by Julia Fox, The Clermont Twins, Madonna and countless independent artists. 


Their collaborations continue with a multitude of different artists, with a goal to form an authentic community within the lens of fashion.

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