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vin rockins

Hello i am Vin Rockins I'm 14 years old and a designer from London Town. I make clothes for shops, videos, myself and other people! i started making clothes last year summer in lockdown when i did a weeks course in Chelsea, there i learnt the basics and from there i kept sewing and kept learning and progressively got better and better until I started making clothes for anyone or thing other than myself. I’ve recently made clothes for the new Abba Music Video “Little Things”. I go out to cultural places and events and have a jolly time! I love making my clothes that really involve categories of colours: pastel, neon, nude, dark and light and finding the right colour or colours to go with it. I use a lot of mesh, fur, satins and velvets as i find them iconic and visually pleasing. I try to make all of my clothes universal in size, and make all my clothes look major!!!!

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