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press loans

loan our designers pieces...

Whether it be for editorial, PR or events - explore and rent our incredible selection of designer pieces. ​


Due to the diverse nature and ever changing rotation of our stock, we recommend booking an in-store loan appointment in advance. One of our amazing team will be happy to assist you as you browse! ​


Please remember the pieces we hold are also for sale (ie, not samples) so we must adhere to our strict loan agreement to ensure both ourselves and the designers are covered and compensated for days missed of trading. ​

Loaning prices start from £20 per piece including pick up day, a 24hr loan period and to be returned the following day, any additional days needed are charged at £10 per piece per day depending on the length of time loaned for. Collection and drop off to be discussed as per appointment.

For long term loans we will charge 30% of the garment's total value.


All items will be inspected and quality control checked both before and upon return. Any damaged or defects will be charged full price of the garment at renter discretion. ​ All loan agreements to be filled out, printed and signed in-store (please take a photo receipt) when garments are taken and payment upfront at the time of loan agreement before any items are removed from the store.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us via our 'connect' page.

book an in-store appointment

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