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spillage earring

  • Designer: Katy Mason


    Unique one-of-a-kind earring, handmade in London from upcycled necklaces, beads, sun glass lens and tampon applicator.

    Earring hooks 925 sterling silver.

    Katy Masons pieces are designed and made from materials that are found/donated/sourced through charity shops/reclaimers yards/skips; and are then reworked; soldered/wrapped/collaged into new one-off sculptural pieces.

    **all recycled and reused materials are sterilized, cleaned and well cared for when reworked into new bespoke pieces.


    Delivery & Returns:

    Posting origins: London, UK

    Product lead-time: Ready to post

    Delivery esitmate: 2-5 days within the UK, 5-14 days EU & International.

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