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Brogan Smith (BBSMITHHH) is an emerging, talented designer of sustainable custom-made and bespoke footwear, jewellery and accessories, with a focused eye on the art of up-cyling. Employing creative re-usage, the Brogan Smith brand ethically and sustainably sources waste materials, or unwanted products, transforming them into eye-catching, avant-garde items of high-quality designer wear.


Each handcrafted piece – always colourful and striking in composition – is unique, a talking point and an exception to fashion’s mass production line. Each design tells its own story, making bold and bright statements through the art of reimagining and repurposing materials. 


In the consumer world of fast, disposable fashion, Brogan Smith strives to create –  from the previously dispensable – timeless items and conversation pieces to be cherished and enjoyed.

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