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justice juice box

Deep fried bongs, bananas and teddy bear pipes... a few of the many reasons we fell in love with Party Boy Provisions. But beneath the surface, there's more to these wonders, as ‘it's so much easier to just make, like pretty things. But to actually have a story behind it? That's something special.’ - Abi (Party Boy Provisions)

Inhabiting an intersection between childhood innocence, drug use, and humour to address themes of human consciousness - Party Boy Provisions proposes deep discussion on the ethics of drug criminalisation. After a few friendly chats on instagram DMs, Abi went on to reveal an exciting new project in collaboration with Past Lives:

It was instant - we had to know more!. What on earth is the story behind this wonderful Juice Box? Who are Past Lives? We asked Abi for some background of how she came to work with Morlock and thus the evolution of the Juice Box:

masking tape 2.png

DEEP FRIED BONG @partyboyprovisions

Double-Cup Juice Box (pipe)

a creative project that will provide funding

to help finance ex-convict’s employment and mentorship.


“Basically we met through his Craigslist ad for the studio space, I came by and he showed me around and we just had a good chat. He’s a super sweet dude and has BIG plans for the future and he’s doing really amazing things that help other people which I really admired. I went home from that meeting and decided right then that we were gonna make a juice box together. I rarely feel super connected with people right off the bat bc I’m such an introvert, I tend to keep a small circle. But when we met I was like oh so this is my new best friend. I came to him with the idea for the juice box collab and asked if there were any prison drinks we could make into a pipe and he had a few, we went with double cup but there’s another one called pruno that we will be making soon. Morlock is such a yes person which I really respect and it makes it fun to hang out and work on projects with. You can come to Morlock with any idea and he’s just like yeah we’re 100% gonna make that happen!”

party boy_past lives edit.jpg

In this unity of refreshing energy, skills and mindsets - Abi & Morlock crafted the Juice Box pipe:

Double cup front.jpg
Double cup side 3.jpg
Double cup side 2.jpg
Double Cup side 1.jpg

With each aesthetic element carefully considered, the Juice Box acts as a work of art with a humorous meaning. We had the pleasure of chatting virtually with Abi & Morlock, the Founder of Past Lives)

masking tape 2.png

"Yeah, there's lots of lots of little jokes here. So I did five years in prison here in Oregon State. This is filled with you know, US prison puns. So I mean, like nobody even in the United States knows what any of this means - unless they've been to prison." - Morlock


But there is a bittersweet aftertaste to all these puns and meme humour. Double-Cup is essentially born out of boredom - it's how buzzed and ‘gacked’ you can get to feel something, to pass the time; to feel a Spiderman-like invincibility and talk about your big ‘Masterplan’ on the outside. However, Morlock took his 5 year prison-time as an opportunity to create and build a business he was passionate about, a much needed collective for


cutting stickers.jpg

"ex convicts, people trying to run away from; addiction, mental illness, trauma, abuse, whatever it is" - Morlock

He turned his academic course away from engineering and began studying business, economics and law, wood & metalworking, upholstery and working in the library. In saving $2500 from his prison checks and selling his car, he turned this running capital into what Past Lives is today - with the help of community contributions and Score (the service corps of retired executives); who offer mentorship to enterpentures, streamlined his business model and provided him with 4 mentors whilst on the inside.


Morlock delved further into the issues around transitioning from a structured Prison life, stating that:


With this, Past Lives acts not only as a woodshop, or an art studio, ‘it is actually a business incubator’, by incubating small businesses that work to employ and provide resources to ex convicts, or people transitioning out of the similar determining factors of that life. Morlock provides design roles for ex convicts: ensuring entry levels of various roles they provide, with the aim of it being simple and safe enough for them to handle - an end goal of full time employment.

“structure does a lot. There are people that thrive a lot more on the inside

than they do on the outside”.


We have thoroughly enjoyed coming along for this (virtual) Juice Box adventure and witnessing the ripple effect of kindness from Abi & Morlock. The evolution of their project emphasises just how powerful collaboration can be.


It’s also really important to shine a light and give a big respect to mentorship charities such as Score, Princes Trust and Future Foundry. These organisations help young entrepreneurs bring ideas (& dreams) to life by giving them the confidence, skills and encouragement to seize opportunities they never thought would be possible.


Born from a somewhat dark place, Morlock & Abi’s Double-Cup Juice Box project is truly inspiring; highlighting the importance of your journey to the priceless encounter of others that share your vision. See - something fluffy, fuzzy and funny can be the end product of a sentimental adventure.


So here it is in all its glory - the wonderful Double-Cup Juicebox pipe, available to buy & sales profits donated to @PastLivesllc. Along with these other '90’s motifs and early 2000’s nostalgia' Smokeware from the lovely Abi of @partyboyprovisions


Modern Room Decor

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