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c0unt zer0

C0unt Zer0 is the alias of Coco Corbisiero and the title of her new collection. 


Influenced by the discovery of mud-larked artifacts from the river Thames, these objects act as portals into historical Europe - imagining the landscapes from which these objects came and the characters who lost them. C0unt Zer0 is a projection of these conceptions into ultramodern London. 


C0unt Zer0’s silhouettes draw inspiration from 17th century men’s dress fused with the militaristic protective wear that was distinctive to this period. Working under a Saville Row tailor, C0unt Zer0 is learning the craft of bespoke tailoring which has heavily influenced this collection. 


The collection features a variety of RTW pieces alongside made-to-order bespoke garments. All pieces are handmade and hand printed in London, with an effort to use deadstock or sustainable fabric where possible. 

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