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gala borovic

Living in the era of political, social and cultural anxieties, Gala Borovic’s ambition is to create emotional fashion - in reaction to the remote strains of contemporary society. Gala emphasises soothing abilities born from personal chaos as a mindset to strengthen the wearer and bridge the gap of minimalist anonymity. Personal focus on misbalance, asymmetry and reconceptualization results in garments whose value should set the firm basis in reality. Finally, the ultimate goal is to reach the revolution of intuitive and eclectic creation by exploring the thin line between fashion design and art.


The brand has been forming its identity since the year 2018. That was the year when the development of "The Base" collection started. This wholesome journey symbolizes the ADULT PLAYGROUND, a platform which counteracts on the emotionless and remote fashion industry. By focusing on textile, print and concept development  designer's working process regularly includes capturing intimacy of the essential moments of life. Gala is re-using bizarre and unpredictable forms by turning them into concepts > concepts into garments > garments into collections. As a result, the brand provokes personal transformation of the new self where the reality is based on misbalance, asymmetry and ever-lasting change.

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