riot pant project

Riot Pant Calendar.jpg

On the 15th of every month, it will be RIOT PANT DROP DAY at the bleaq Bricklane store:


  1. Bring along a pair of your old (washed) pants that need some re-loving to: UNIT 3 B4, 85 Bricklane E1 6QL, London, 1pm - 6pm

  2. Drop off in accordance to the calendar - choose you slogan month

  3. Choose 1 of 3 colours

  4. Your pants will be sent straight to Mina & Elena of Riot Pant project in Berlin, where they will slogan them up

  5. The printing process is long and unique to each pair of pants, so rest assured this purely personalised service is worth the wait.

  6. Pants will be available to pickup 1st of the following month!

  7. Activism and Empowerment it's as easy as that. Go spread the word and wear your re-loved pants proud.

For any questions and further information, drop us a line at: